Canada’s Remote Arctic - Northwest Passage to Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands

Resolute- Resolute

Northwest Passage, Canadian Arctic
August & September
11 Nights

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Musk Ox in the Candaina Arctic
Resolute - Resolute
Aug 24 - Sep 4 2024
11 Nights

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Polar bear in the Northwest Passage
Resolute - Resolute
Sep 9 - Sep 20 2025
11 Nights

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Polar bear in the Northwest Passage
Resolute - Resolute
Aug 15 - Aug 26 2024
11 Nights

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Cruise Overview

Discover the wonders of the Canadian Arctic on this unique fly-and-cruise expedition that explores the heart of the Northwest Passage. Here, you'll follow in pioneering explorers' footsteps, navigating through remote bays, inlets, and channels that have captivated adventurers for centuries. Explore by Zodiac and get unique aerial perspectives of polar landscapes on a flightseeing excursion on the ship's two helicopters. 

Led by a team of polar experts on a modern, state-of-the-art expedition ship, prepare to be enchanted by this rarely-visited remote part of the Arctic. Discover the Inuit culture's history of early explorations and majestic glaciers, panoramic mountain views, and the labyrinth of waterways and secluded coves. Keep an eye out for unique Arctic wildlife, from musk oxen to marine species such as beluga whales and polar bears.

Canada's Remote Arctic is an invitation to witness the sublime beauty of a region shrouded in mystery, a place few can explore.

For your ease and comfort this expedition includes a return charter flight between Calgary and Resolute where you will embark the ship.

Canadas remote Arctic Northwest Passage cruise Map

Cruise Highlights

Cruise Highlights

  • Experience the highlights of the Northwest Passage on this fly in and fly out expedition.
  • Search for iconic Arctic wildlife, such as polar bears, walrus and muskoxen
  • Learn about indigenous culture from Inuit guides onboard and ashore.
  • Enjoy unforgettable flightseeing and heli-landings aboard Ultramarine’s two helicopters
  • Explore by Zodiac and get up close to glaciers, fjords, and icebergs.
  • Channel your inner explorer as we set out to reach Canada’s most northerly islands: Axel Heiberg and Ellesmere Island



An immersive expedition cruise to discover Greenland and the highlights of the Canadian Arctic

Calgary skyline city in Canada
Day 1

Arrive Calgary, Canada

Your Arctic adventure commences in Calgary. Enjoy the city at your leisure before spending a relaxing evening at your hotel, enjoying its comfort and amenities.

Iceberg in the Northwest Passage
Day 2

Fly to Resolute and Embark

This morning, you'll catch a charter flight to Resolute, Nunavut. After landing, take the opportunity to stretch your legs and explore this quaint hamlet on foot. Later, depending on where our ship is anchored and the weather, we'll whisk you off to your ship either by Zodiac or helicopter.

Polar bear in the Northwest Passage
Days 3 - 10

Exploring Canada’s High Arctic

Sailing around the untouched islands of the Canadian High Arctic aboard Ultramarine, our cutting-edge new ship, you'll weave through the icy waterways that captivated explorers of old. Ultramarine is tailor-made for those who thirst for polar adventure, equipped with two twin-engine helicopters and 20 swift-launching Zodiacs to take you to the most secluded spots on Earth. As you journey through the icy mazes of bays, inlets, and channels, you'll feel the same awe that gripped early navigators of these formidable waters.

Our expedition traces the natural pathways carved by sea and ice, unveiling the Arctic's rich tapestry of culture, history, and geography. Ultramarine's unmatched capability for adventure, including helicopter sightseeing, promises a polar experience like no other. Witness the incredible wildlife that calls this fierce landscape home: from sea mammals and polar bears to muskox and, if fortune favours, the rare arctic wolf. With Ultramarine, we aim to reach the outer limits of this rugged, seldom-seen terrain, including the northern reaches of Axel Heiberg Island and the elusive Ellesmere Island, perched at the world's summit.

While our voyage has no set route, each expedition is a unique journey shaped by the weather, ice, and opportunity. Our seasoned Expedition Team will navigate daily, aiming to showcase the season's best, from Zodiac cruising and land excursions to community visits and wildlife encounters. And, with our onboard helicopters, you'll gain a perspective on the simply breathtaking polar landscapes, experiencing flightseeing excursions that bring the Arctic's majesty to life in a whole new way.

This region, known to many as the Northwest Passage, is also the ancestral homeland of the Inuit and their forebears, who have thrived here for nearly 5,000 years. As we move through these remote landscapes, you'll be journeying across lands deeply rooted in ancient traditions, illuminated by our Inuit guides both onboard and ashore.

Our journey northwards aims to trace the route of the fortunate explorers who have made it through Hell Gate to the pinnacle of the world, Ellesmere Island. With luck, the imposing snow-capped peaks of this polar desert will emerge on our horizon. This remote island, ringed with deep fjords and rugged mountains, is a testament to the sheer power of nature.

Exploring Axel Heiberg Island, Canada's second-most northern island, introduces guests to some of the world's most breathtaking Piedmont glaciers, sprawling from narrow valleys into open plains. Bird enthusiasts, prepare your binoculars for potential sightings of snow buntings, ptarmigans, jaegers, and arctic terns.

Wildlife sightings are frequent in the Canadian Arctic, with areas teeming with birds and mammals adapted to this extreme environment. From polar bears and muskoxen to gyrfalcons and little auks, and possibly narwhals or arctic wolves, each sighting is a precious glimpse into the Arctic's thriving ecosystem.

Coburg Island and Prince Leopold Island are havens for birdlife, while Arctic Bay offers insights into Inuit culture, with opportunities to taste local delicacies and engage with artists. Devon Island's historic sites, including a Royal Canadian Mounted Police outpost and the haunting remains of the Franklin expedition on Beechey Island, beckon history buffs and adventurers alike.

Every day promises new discoveries, from Zodiac excursions near active glaciers to the serene beauty of the Arctic tundra. The High Arctic is a land of endless fascination, where the resilience of flora, the flight of rare birds, the stealth of a polar bear, or the legacy of ancient peoples invite you to witness the enduring splendour of the far north.

Day 11

Disembark in Resolute, Canada and Fly to Calgary

After disembarking in Resolute, you’ll be transferred to your charter flight to Calgary, where you’ll spend the night at your included hotel.

Calgary skyline city in Canada
Day 12

Depart Calgary

Today, make your way to the airport to catch your homeward flights, or spend the day exploring this fascinating city.



Zodiac Cruising and Shore Landings

Zodiac Cruising through icebergs

Zodiac inflatable boats are integral to every expedition and perfect for exploring the polar wilderness. Zodiacs are used to ferry you to the shore and mini explorations amidst icebergs, whales, and seabirds. Throughout your expedition, they enable you to reach secluded spots only accessible by these sturdy watercraft.

Driven by our expert team of knowledgeable polar guides, we will explore the Zodiac daily as part of your expedition.

Flight Seeing

flight seeing on Ultra Marine

Soar above the polar regions and gain unique aerial perspectives over some of the best views on Earth. Ultramarine is equipped with two twin-engine helicopters ready to take you on an adventure like no other. With intimate groups of 7 to 9 explorers, you'll embark on a breathtaking 10- to 15-minute flightseeing journey that's part of your voyage, offering a bird's-eye view of the Arctic's wilderness. If you're craving even more aerial adventure, additional helicopter activities are available for purchase once onboard. Remember that all flights are weather-dependent, ensuring your safety and the best possible experience.


helicopter landing Ultramarine

You will be transferred from Ultramarine’s helidecks via our two twin-engine helicopters to a selected landing site in a remote location. You’ll have time to explore the location accompanied by expedition team members, after which you’ll be picked up by the helicopters in the same location and returned to Ultramarine. Note: Heli-landings are dependent on weather conditions and logistics. 

*An extra cost is applicable. Please inquire about costs and availability at the time of reservation.

Sea Kayaking*

sea kayaking in the Arctic

Experience the beauty of the polar regions from the intimacy of a sea kayak. The onboard Sea Kayak Program gathers adventurers with a shared passion to explore the stunning landscapes of fjords, glacial fronts, or intricate sea ice formations together.

This program welcomes both novices and experienced kayakers to discover the polar regions from a distinctive vantage point. Depending on weather and operational conditions, the goal is to get kayaking as frequently as possible. Sea kayaking adventures typically begin with a Zodiac boat transferring participants from the ship to an optimal launch site. After exploring the waters, kayakers are brought back to the ship via Zodiac. 

For safety, a Zodiac operated by a dedicated driver remains close at hand to provide help if needed. These kayak trips usually last from one and a half to three hours, blending adventure with unparalleled natural beauty.

*An extra cost is applicable. Please enquire about costs and availability at the time of reservation. Please note places on sea kayaking do sell out in advance, so forward booking is essential.

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