From the St Lawrence to Greenland, the Last Moments of Winter

Saint Pierre Island - Reykjavík

Canada, Greenland, Iceland
15 Nights

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Saint Pierre Island - Reykjavík
06/03/2025 to the 21/03/2025
15 Nights

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Cruise Overview

Starting from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence's shores, we will explore the southwestern coast of Greenland, delving into timeless moments amid the icy landscapes. As winter transitions to spring, embrace the emotions, marvel at the dreamlike Far North landscapes, and be captivated by the unknown.

The snow-clad northern forests present an enchanting scene while the ice breakup commences in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Nature, seemingly frozen, whispers its secrets to those attuned to listen. Our itinerary includes a port of call in Cap-aux-Meules in the Magdalen Islands, offering activities such as walks on frozen beaches. Explore the mysteries concealed by the cliffs of the Gaspé Peninsula from the sea, engaging in winter activities like discovering Forillon National Pak, snowshoeing in L'Anse-au-Griffon Valley, and meeting the Micmac, one of the First Nations of the Canadian provinces. 

Leaving the North American continent, we'll sail through the Strait of Belle Isle and reach the ice-covered southwestern coast of Greenland—a historic first for a cruise line during this season. Time will seemingly pause in the face of this immense ice-covered terrain adorned with drifting icebergs, fragmented ice floes, majestic fjords, and rugged mountains. From magical moments to unforgettable memories, this journey to the world's boundaries promises to be full of surprises.

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Cruise Highlights

Cruise Highlights

  • Embark on an exclusive winter voyage into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the southwestern coast of Greenland on a luxury icebreaker, offering unique encounters with local communities amidst stunning snow-covered landscapes.
  • Explore traditional villages and engage with the indigenous Micmac and Inuit communities to share their rich culture and way of life.
  • Enjoy various winter activities such as polar hiking, snowshoeing, fat biking, Nordic skiing, and shore visits on the ice floe.
  • Experience an all-new port of call in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, with opportunities for skiing in nearby resorts or exploring the town's history.
  • Look for regional wildlife, including moose, reindeer, caribou, wolves, polar bears, Arctic foxes, Ivory gulls, and Greenland seals.
  • Conditions permitting, witness the adorable whitecoat seal pups in the Magdalen Islands—the only breeding ground for Greenland seals worldwide.
  • Imagine landscapes of vast open spaces, majestic fjords, pristine boreal forests, expansive ice floes, and snow-covered valleys.



Explore Canada and Greenland On A Unique Icebreaker Cruise as it Emerges from the Winter

Saint Pierre Island
Day 1

Saint Pierre Island, Saint Pierre And Miquelon

Off the shores of Canada, explore Saint Pierre Island, one of the two principal islands in the Saint Pierre and Miquelon archipelago, the sole French territory in North America. With a natural harbour, the island, named after the patron saint of fishermen, flourished around the fishing industry, and echoes of its maritime past still endure. Tales of whale hunting, cod fishing, and alcohol smuggling during Prohibition resonate in the capital, Saint-Pierre. The island is a haven for observing remarkable wildlife, featuring whales, fin whales, dolphins, seals, puffins, and petrels among its diverse fauna.

Embarkation from 16:00 to 17:00

Departure 17/01/2025 at 18:00

Svalbard sea ice PONANT
Day 2

At Sea Aboard Le Commandant Charcot

Embark on an extraordinary voyage aboard Le Commandant Charcot, the world's inaugural luxury polar exploration vessel and the premier PC2-class polar cruise ship designed to navigate deep into the heart of ice-bound seas and oceans, places typically unreachable by conventional ships.

Le Commandant Charcot is equipped with state-of-the-art oceanographic and scientific instruments meticulously chosen by a committee of experts. Immerse yourself in on-board lectures and engaging discussions with these specialists to deepen your understanding of the polar regions. Join hands in advancing scientific research onboard, unveiling the yet-to-be-discovered wonders concealed in these captivating destinations.

Cape Aux Meules
Day 3

Cap-Aux-Meules, Magdalen Islands

While serving as the administrative and economic hub of the Magdalen Islands archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, the village of Cap-aux-Meules maintains a serene atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for exploring pristine nature. Situated on the island of the same name, derived from the sandstone rocks of the cape historically used for grindstones, this location is primarily recognized as the maritime gateway to the archipelago.

Consequently, it provides exclusive access to numerous sites celebrated for their natural and historical significance, including Havre-Aubert, acknowledged as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Quebec.

Day 4


In the serene embrace of the Canadian winter, Gaspé proudly stands as a preserved and authentic gem along the edge of the dark waters of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Nature appears to hold its breath in the glacial darkness. The majestic Mount Jacques-Cartier, the highest peak of the Chic-Choc Mountains range, adorns itself in a pristine blanket of snow while the frozen rivers wind through the landscape, capturing time in their icy embrace. Immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of the L'Anse-au-Griffon Valley during a snowshoe walk in the heart of Forillon National Park. Later, in Percé, facing the renowned eponymous Rock, explore the natural beauty of the "magic forest," where thousands of conifers, adorned in an immaculate white cloak, stand as silent guardians over this isolated piece of land. Discover the charm of this delightful town, where captivating history and the warmth of the locals blend in a harmonious union.

From the St Lawrence to Greenland, the Last Moments of Winter PONANT
Day 5

Sailing Saint Lawrence Gulf

In the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, some waters remain veiled in lingering ice, yet the thaw has commenced, creating a captivating spectacle. The fractured ice takes on enchanting forms, seemingly pirouetting across the undulating waves. Navigating through the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, you trace the footsteps of Jacques Cartier, who first reached these waters in 1534 during his inaugural voyage. From the vantage point of the ship's bridge, with a stroke of fortune, you may witness seals and belugas inhabiting the region during this season. On the horizon, the boreal forests, their summits adorned in the last vestiges of snow, present an idyllic snapshot of this slice of Canada—a moment of indescribable magic.

Corner Brook PONANT
Day 6

Corner Brook

Nestled at the entrance of the Humber River, within the embrace of the Bay of Islands, lies the harbour town of Corner Brook, embraced by majestic mountains. A blanket of snow adorns the slopes that beckon you to partake in winter pursuits amid a magnificent backdrop. On the fabled island of Newfoundland, explore the terrain through snowshoeing or engage in skiing or snowboarding adventures at the esteemed Marble Mountain Ski Resort. Alternatively, meander through the streets of this genuine Newfoundland town, unravelling its storied history at your own pace.

Crossing belle Island Strait PONANT
Day 7

Crossing Belle Isle Strait

Navigating the Strait of Belle Isle promises a moment of profound emotion. Your vessel will glide into this passage, marking the division between Newfoundland and the North American continent just as the process of ice breakup commences. From the bridge's vantage point, should the ice persist, you might catch sight of the Greenland seals inhabiting these waters, punctuated by fragments of drifting ice, as they seek out breeding grounds. Time seems to freeze in this moment, enveloped in a magical enchantment.

Svalbard sea ice PONANT
Day 8

At Sea Aboard Le Commandant Charcot

As we depart Canada, spend time indulging in Le Commandement Charcot's outstanding facilities. Enjoy the view of the ice from the heated outdoor lagoon, and spend time in the indoor pool, relaxation areas or sauna. During your time at sea, our team of naturalists and scientists will undertake presentations in the ship's theatre and share their knowledge with you, ready for our next destination, Greenland.

Day 9


Embark on the currents of the Davis Strait, and Qaqortoq, the largest town in southern Greenland, unveils itself within a rocky landscape adorned with pristine white in winter and enchanting green in summer. As your vessel enters the fjord hugging the town, the delightful sight of brightly-coloured houses perched on the hillsides surrounding this charming fishing port, the southernmost in Greenland, becomes apparent in the distance. A stroll through the town centre offers a glimpse of Danish influences, featuring numerous historical buildings and landmarks, including the country's renowned and oldest fountain adorned with whales. Nearby, the open-air fish market beckons, providing the opportunity to witness fishermen selling the day's catch.

Day 10


Nestled in the intricate web of fjords and bays in Greenland's southwest, the quaint village of Narsalik adds vibrant hues to the Arctic's pristine white with its colourful houses. In this remote corner of the world, you explore to connect with the Inuit community, creating unforgettable moments of shared experiences. Crafted in collaboration between PONANT and the residents of Narsalik, winter activities become a canvas for building lifelong memories. Throughout this shared time, curiosity and discovery will guide your journey.

Narsaq Fjord
Day 11

Narsaq Fjord

As your ship approaches, unveil the enchanting town of Narsaq. The mesmerising beauty of the encircling blue icebergs and colossal ice formations displaying an array of shapes and ever-changing colours will captivate you. Nestled amidst verdant mountains, this petite town encapsulates the quintessential Greenlandic charm within a breathtaking natural panorama. The multi-hued facades of the houses and the glaciers, adorned in myriad shades of blue, create a magical backdrop, evoking a sense of wonder.

Nanortalik PONANT
Day 12


Venture into the heart of the Kujalleq municipality in Greenland as you visit the Inuit village of Nanortalik. Positioned a few hundred kilometres from the southern extremity of Greenland, it stands as one of the island's southernmost points. The primary economic livelihood of its residents revolves around fishing, providing you with an opportunity to partake in unforgettable moments with the locals. Embrace the snowy landscapes and engage in winter activities, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Inuit traditions.

Cape Farvel PONANT
Day 13

Cape Farvel Passage

The Cape Farvel Passage in southern Greenland is a maritime route with historical significance and captivating natural beauty. It serves as a gateway between the Labrador Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, connecting the vast expanse of the Arctic waters. Navigating through Cape Farvel Passage provides a unique experience, surrounded by dramatic coastal landscapes and the icy embrace of the Arctic environment. The passage has been traversed by explorers throughout history, adding an air of adventure and exploration to this remote, pristine maritime route.

Le Commandant Charcot Luxury Expedition Cruise
Days 14-15

At Sea Aboard Le Commandant Charcot

As we leave the captivating scenery of Greenland in our wake, spend time indulging in Le Commandement Charcot's outstanding facilities. Enjoy the view from the heated outdoor lagoon, and spend time in the indoor pool, relaxation areas or sauna. During your time at sea, our team of naturalists and scientists will undertake presentations in the ship's theatre and share their knowledge with you, ready for our next destination, Iceland.

Reykjavik in Iceland in the winter
Day 16


Reykjavík, Iceland's capital, extends along the shores of a vast bay in the western part of the country. Perlan, known as the "Pearl of Reykjavík," stands proudly on' Oskjuhlið hill, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the lush, green landscapes. A short distance away, the signpost guides visitors to the iconic Hallgrímskirkja church and the historical centre, where charming streets like Skólavördustígur and Laugavegur invite strolls amid lively small shops. For those seeking relaxation beyond city limits, the Reykjanes peninsula beckons with its renowned thermal lagoons, including the famous Blue Lagoon.

Disembarkation at 08:00



Hiking or Snowshoeing

Hiking and snowshoeing on Le Commandant Charcot

Amid our shore landings, you'll have the chance to join our seasoned naturalist guides for hiking expeditions of varying difficulty levels based on the ecological resilience of the unique biome. These excursions may range from leisurely coastal strolls to extended treks lasting several hours, taking you to breathtaking viewpoints and historic sites. You'll seize the moment, adapting your journey to the prevailing weather and ice conditions. And when our itineraries permit, donning snowshoes* will transport you into the footsteps of early explorers, unlocking the uncharted corners that have remained largely untouched by mankind.

*Kindly be aware that there are limited spaces available for snowshoeing.

If you are interested in participating in these adventurous activities please enquire about availability at the time of reservation. All activities are subject to availability and weather conditions.

Your Ship

Your Ship

Le Commandant Charcot

Introducing the majestic Le Commandant Charcot, the world's first luxury icebreaker. Imagine exploring the seldom visited furthest reaches of the polar regions in comfort levels never seen before on an icebreaker. Her unique icebreaking PC2 Polar Class 2 Hull allows it to explore captivating destinations locked in by sea ice from the North Pole to the frozen seas of East Greenland and Antarctica, which are off-limits to standard expedition ships. The onboard experience is second to none, with fine dining, an outdoor heated lagoon and sumptuous ensuite cabins with verandas. With a team of onboard expedition experts, Le Commandant Charcot is perfect for adventurers and connoisseurs looking to explore the unexplored in safety and style.

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