Luxury Northwest Passage Cruise

Reykjavik - Churchill

Greenland, Canada
15 Nights

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Churchill - Nuuk
Jul 25 2025 - Aug 9 2025
15 Nights

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Summer time of Nanortalik in Greenland
Reykjavik - Churchill
Jul 09 2025 - Jul 25 2025
15 Nights

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Narsarsuaq Greenland
Nuuk - Nuuk
Aug 9 2025 - Aug 24 2025
15 Nights

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epic scenery in Greenland with mountains on a cruise
Nuuk - Nome
Aug 25 2025 - Sept 16 2025
22 Nights

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Cruise Overview

Set sail from Iceland’s enchanting capital towards the awe-inspiring landscapes of Greenland and the rich cultural heritage and vibrant wildlife of Canada. This grand expedition aboard the Endeavour promises the excitement of potential polar wildlife sightings and ventures deep into the heart of magnificent, towering fjords. Enjoy the region in its full splendor, thanks to the extended summer daylight. Conclude your remarkable journey with unforgettable moments among the curious beluga whales of Churchill.

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Cruise Highlights

Cruise Highlights

  • Explore the magnificent landscapes of Greenland and Canada, delving into the heart of steep fjords and encountering vibrant wildlife, including potential polar sightings.
  • Enjoy daily outings and shore visits with our team of outstanding naturalist guides using the ship's Zodiacs.
  • Experience the extended summer daylight, allowing you to witness the region's beauty at its peak, and conclude your adventure with captivating interactions with Churchill's beluga whales.
  • 5-star luxury purpose-built expedition ship specially designed for the ultimate wildlife and nature exploration.
  • Join in optional adventure activities such as hiking and kayaking.
  • All-inclusive travel options are available for your total comfort and peace of mind.



Reykjavik Iceland
Day 1


Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, is a vibrant city that beautifully blends rich history with modern culture. Nestled on the southwestern coast of the island, it boasts stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the North Atlantic Ocean. The city's colorful buildings, striking architecture, and charming streets create a picturesque setting. Reykjavik is known for its lively arts scene, with numerous galleries, museums, and cultural institutions, including the iconic Harpa Concert Hall and the National Museum of Iceland. The city offers a variety of geothermal pools, such as the famous Blue Lagoon, providing relaxing experiences amidst breathtaking natural landscapes. Reykjavik's bustling nightlife, diverse culinary scene, and friendly locals make it a captivating destination for travelers seeking both adventure and comfort.

Silver Endeavour Pool Deck
Day 2

At Sea

Sea days offer the perfect chance to relax, unwind, and catch up on activities you've been wanting to enjoy. Whether you prefer hitting the gym, indulging in a spa visit, watching for whales, diving into a good book, or soaking up the sun, these tranquil days at sea provide a welcome balance to the bustling days spent exploring ashore.


Prins Christian Sound in Greenland Le Commandant Charcot Icebreaker PONANT
Day 3

Prince Christian Sound

Passing through Prince Christian Sound is a highlight of this journey. Connecting the Labrador Sea to the Irminger Sea, this stunning waterway, named “Prins Christian Sund” in Danish after Prince (later King) Christian VII (1749-1808), stretches 100 km (60 miles) and narrows to just 500 m (1500 ft) at points. The fjord’s grandeur, with its towering snow-capped mountains, rugged cliffs, and rolling hills, evokes the Viking era, making you feel as if you've stepped back in time. The immense mountains and the tranquil Arctic waters create a serene atmosphere, punctuated only by the sight of icebergs drifting by, each carrying a slice of ancient history. Don't forget to dress warmly for this unforgettable experience.

Day 4

Qaqortoq & Hvalsey

Qaqortoq, the largest town in southern Greenland, boasts a rich history dating back to prehistoric times. Upon arrival, the reasons for its long-standing appeal become clear. The town rises steeply over a complex fjord system, offering breathtaking panoramic views of surrounding mountains, the deep blue sea, Lake Tasersuag, icebergs in the bay, and the pastoral backcountry. Traces of ancient civilization in Qaqortoq date back 4,300 years, with Norse and Inuit settlers inhabiting the area in the 10th and 12th centuries. The modern town was officially founded in 1774 and has since grown into a bustling seaport and trading hub, known for fish and shrimp processing, tanning, fur production, and ship maintenance and repair.

Located 18 kilometers northeast of Qaqortoq, Hvalsey is part of Qaqortukulooq, one of the five sites that comprise the UNESCO World Heritage Arctic farming complex known as Kujataa. Situated between Eriksfjord to the north and Einarsfjord to the south, Hvalseyfjord branches off from Einarsfjord. Hvalsey is renowned for its remarkably well-preserved ruins of one of the sixteen churches in the Norse Eastern Settlement, situated on a farmstead known as Thjodhild’s Stead. This site at the northeastern end of the fjord once included a large building with living quarters, a hall, livestock pens, a storage building, and a warehouse, the ruins of which are still visible today. The Norse farming practices established here laid the groundwork for Inuit farming in later centuries, earning the area UNESCO World Heritage status in 2017.

 Included Shore Excursions:

  • Qaqortoq Town Exploration
  • Expedition activities with the expedition team
Uppernavik town in Greenland
Day 5


Paamiut, nestled in southwestern Greenland, is a true hidden gem worth the journey off the beaten path. The vibrant, colorful houses lining the port add a touch of warmth to the Arctic scenery. Established since 1500 BC, Paamiut flourished into a bustling trading hub in the 18th century, driven by commerce in seal fur, whale products, and soapstone carving, which brought prosperity to the town.

Today, Paamiut charms visitors with its untouched, majestic landscapes and opportunities to observe rare wildlife. In the warmer summer months, minke whales, fin whales, and humpback whales are frequent visitors, often visible from the shore for those with sharp eyes. The rugged mountains, serene glaciers, and crystal-clear fjords beckon adventurers with endless possibilities for hiking and kayaking. The region is also home to rare sea eagles known as Nattoralik, believed to bring good luck to those fortunate enough to spot them.

The Paamiut community takes pride in safeguarding its natural heritage and warmly welcomes visitors to explore its rich culture. A visit to the town's small museum offers insights into local customs, traditions, and a way of life shaped by the Arctic environment. Paamiut promises a memorable experience for travelers seeking an authentic Arctic adventure.


2 Included Shore Excursions:

  • Expedition activities with the expedition team
  • Paamiut Museum Visit & Town Exploration
Nuuk capital of Greenland
Day 6


In Greenland's vibrant capital, Nuuk, it's easy to overlook the vastness and isolation of the country. Serving as Greenland's economic and social hub, Nuuk is home to more than a third of its population. Despite its cosmopolitan feel, Nuuk maintains a distinct Greenlandic character.

Overlooking the charming old Colonial Harbour district is Nuuk Cathedral, while the Greenland National Museum houses the renowned Qilakitsoq mummies, a highlight of its archaeological collection. Downtown Nuuk features Scandinavian-style apartments, a bustling shopping district, the Greenlandic Parliament, and Nuuk City Hall, showcasing local artwork. Outdoor cafes serve locally sourced food and beer, contrasting with artisan boutiques and the lively meat market offering catches from Nuuk's expansive fjords.

At the Katuaq Cultural Centre, residents enjoy blockbuster movies and performances by local and international artists. Nuuk blends Danish and Greenlandic influences, yet stands out with its own sophistication, boasting Greenland's only traffic lights, roundabouts, and university. Above all, Nuuk is a city where friendly locals proudly celebrate their heritage and the vibrant community they call home.

2 Included Shore Excursions:


  • Expedition activities with the expedition team
  • Nuuk Cultural Historical Walk


Greenland people
Day 7

Maniitsoq & Sermilinnguaq

Situated along Greenland’s central western coast, Maniitsoq stands as the country’s sixth-largest town, with a population of fewer than 2,700 residents. Its main draws include a small museum and an old cemetery located at the northern end of town. The community hall often hosts exhibitions featuring local artists and artisans showcasing their intricate carvings and beadwork. Notably, the beadwork here serves a functional purpose beyond tourism, as it adorns the elaborate collars of West-Greenlandic women’s national dress.

Maniitsoq offers additional attractions such as fishing excursions and heli-skiing on nearby mountains. Its local name, meaning ‘place of rugged terrain’, contrasts with the Danish name bestowed upon it in 1782, 'New Sugarloaf'.

Sermilinnguaq is nestled halfway between Maniitsoq and Kangaamiut in South Greenland. This fjord is among the smaller ones leading to the westernmost valley glaciers of the Greenland Icecap. Characterized by steep mountainsides and rugged scenery, Sermilinnguaq is renowned as a prime halibut fishing area for local fishermen from Maniitsoq and Kangaamiut.

1 Included Shore Excursions:

  • Expedition activities with the expedition team
Silver Endeavour Library
Day 8

At Sea

Sea days offer the perfect chance to relax, unwind, and catch up on activities you've been wanting to enjoy. Whether you prefer hitting the gym, indulging in a spa visit, watching for whales, diving into a good book, or soaking up the sun, these tranquil days at sea provide a welcome balance to the bustling days spent exploring ashore.

Day 9


Iqaluit serves as the capital of Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut, which translates to "our land" in Inuktitut. Situated at the head of Frobisher Bay, an inlet of the North Atlantic that extends into southeastern Baffin Island, Iqaluit holds historical significance as it was initially believed to be a potential entrance to the Northwest Passage.

In Iqaluit, visitors can explore the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum and the Nunavut Legislative Assembly Building, both of which feature impressive collections of Inuit artwork. The museum shop offers an array of locally crafted prints for sale, providing insight into the vibrant artistic culture of the region.

2 Included Shore Excursions:

  • Cultural Iqaluit
  • Hike in Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park
North Pole Animals Polar Bears
Day 10

Lady Franklin Island & Monumental Island

Lady Franklin Island, located at the entrance to Cumberland Sound off Baffin Island’s Hall Peninsula, is named in honor of Lady Franklin, the wife of Sir John Franklin, a renowned Arctic explorer who tragically perished while seeking the Northwest Passage. This remote and uninhabited island is notable for its dramatic geological formations, featuring towering cliffs of Archean rocks, believed to be some of the oldest geological formations in Canada.

The waters surrounding Lady Franklin Island are rich in wildlife, attracting numerous seabirds, ducks, seals, and occasionally walrus. Visitors fortunate enough might spot Atlantic Puffins and even the rare Sabine’s Gull, making the island a rewarding destination for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts keen on exploring Canada’s northernmost reaches.

Monumental Island, a rugged outcrop of ancient metamorphic rock, stands defiantly amidst the icy waters of the Davis Strait. Named in honor of the legendary polar explorer Sir John Franklin, this island epitomizes the essence of Nunavut, set against a backdrop of vast icebergs drifting in from Greenland.

Known as a significant denning site for polar bears, the iconic symbol of the Arctic, Monumental Island offers visitors a high likelihood of spotting mother bears with their cubs. During the summer months when sea ice is scarce, polar bears use the island as a base for hunting until the return of autumn ice. Witnessing these majestic creatures against the island’s ancient black rock and the vibrant hues of autumn tundra is an unforgettable experience.

1 Included Shore Excursion:

  • Zodiac Cruise with the Expedition Team
Day 11

Akpatok Island

Akpatok Island, situated near the northernmost limits of the Labrador Peninsula, is a remote and rugged outpost characterized by steep limestone cliffs that rise abruptly from icy waters. During the winter months, the island is cloaked in snow and encircled by sea ice, creating a stark and isolated environment.

One of Akpatok Island's most notable attractions is its wildlife, particularly hosting the world's largest breeding population of Thick-billed Murres (also known as Brünnich's Guillemots in Europe). This population is estimated to exceed one million birds, congregating on the island's bare cliffs from June to September. The murres carefully incubate their single pear-shaped egg on narrow cliff ledges, while vigilant Glaucous Gulls soar above, on the lookout for unattended eggs and chicks. Meanwhile, Black Guillemots paddle gracefully in the nearby waters.

1 Included Shore Excursion:

  • Expedition activities with the Expedition Team
Inuit inukshuk and polar wilderness in the Northwest Passage
Day 12


Kimmirut is a traditional Inuit hamlet situated on the southernmost peninsula of Baffin Island, across the Hudson Strait from mainland Québec. It holds the distinction of being the southernmost community on Baffin Island and is known for its scenic location and cultural richness.

1 Included Shore Excursion:

  • Cultural Kimmirut
Buchan Gulf on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic
Day 13

Cape Dorset

Cape Dorset, also known as Kinngait in Inuktitut (meaning "high mountain"), is a small Inuit hamlet located on Dorset Island off the southern shore of Baffin Island. The community is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and rich biodiversity, offering a paradise for nature lovers. Arctic wildlife abounds, including migratory caribou, seabirds, whales, seals, and walruses.

The area has been inhabited for millennia, with ancient Thule (Dorset Culture) peoples residing here for over three thousand years. Cape Dorset holds historical significance as the site of the first archaeological remains discovered in the region. In 1631, Captain Luke Foxe landed here during his expedition in search of the Northwest Passage, naming the cape in honor of his sponsor, Edward Sackville, the Earl of Dorset.

1 Included Shore Excursion:

  • Inuit Art & Culture with Local Community
Houses in Pond Inlet Nunavut Northwest Passage Canadian Arctic
Day 14

Coats Island, Nunavut

Geographically, Coats Island features a rugged coastline with rocky cliffs that meet the frigid waters of Hudson Bay. The terrain inland is characterized by tundra, dotted with lakes and ponds formed by glacial activity during the last Ice Age. This Arctic landscape supports a variety of wildlife, including migratory birds, polar bears, Arctic foxes, and various species of seals. The surrounding waters are also rich in marine life, attracting beluga whales and other marine mammals.

1 Included Shore Excursion:

  • Zodiac Cruise with the Expedition Team
Silver Endeavour luxury expedition ship in the Northwest Passage
Day 15

At Sea

Sailing days offer the perfect chance to slow down, decompress, and indulge in activities you've longed to enjoy. Whether it's hitting the gym, pampering yourself at the spa, observing whales in their natural habitat, diving into your favourite book, or just basking in the sun to get that perfect tan, these tranquil days at sea provide a harmonious counterpoint to the adventure-filled excursions ashore.


Beluga Whales in Arctic
Day 16


Archaeological findings in the vicinity of Churchill bear testament to the ancient presence of Pre-Dorset, Dorset, and Inuit groups, spanning back over 4,000 years. Situated on the western shore of Hudson Bay at the mouth of the Churchill River, Churchill emerged as a pivotal hub for the Hudson’s Bay Company and the fur trade. Two forts, dating to the early 18th century, have earned placement on Canada’s National Historic Site list. Visitors to Churchill can explore the rich human and natural history at the Parks Canada Visitor Center located in the VIA Rail Station.

Today, Churchill is a small town with approximately 1,000 residents, accessible by rail, air, and sea during the ice-free months between July and November. The town’s deep-sea port serves primarily for the transportation of Western Canadian grains. As the ice recedes in the Churchill River Basin, hundreds of beluga whales gather to feed and rest, adding to the area’s natural allure.

4 Included Shore Excursions:

  • Kayaking with the Belugas
    Churchill Studies Centre Learning Experience
  • Zodiac Beluga Whale and Historic Fort Prince of Wales
  • Ithaca Hike
Best time to go to the Northwest Passage
Day 17


In the morning we check out from the ship and embark on a journey home.



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