Spitsbergen: Realm of the Ice Bear

Longyearbyen - Longyearbyen

7 Nights

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Svalbard cruises spitsbergen landscape
Longyearbyen - Longyearbyen
Jun 16 2025 - Jun 23 2025
7 Nights

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Cruise Overview

Centering our journey on the largest island of the Svalbard Archipelago, we navigate through dense pack ice in search of walruses and bearded seals. Our voyage takes us along stunning fjords framed by sharp, sky-piercing mountains. Vigilant eyes scan the icy landscape for majestic polar bears on the prowl, while guillemots nest safely on towering cliffs, out of reach from the predatory arctic foxes. Stretch your legs on tundra hikes, where you'll uncover historic campsites of intrepid explorers and seasoned hunters.

Realm of the Ice Bear map

Cruise Highlights

Cruise Highlights

  • Journey near 80° north to search for polar bears on the pack ice.
  • Experience the excitement of spotting walruses, seals, whales, reindeer, arctic foxes, guillemots, and puffins.
  • Sail alongside vibrant blue glaciers and through breathtaking fjords.
  • Embark on tundra hikes surrounded by stunningly beautiful landscapes.



Experience the best of Svalbard on this 8 day voyage.

Oslo Harbour
Day 1


Upon arriving in Oslo, check in at our group hotel near the airport. Stop by the hospitality desk to pick up your luggage cabin tags and to speak with our ground operations team. 

They will provide important information about pre-embarkation procedures and the charter flight to Longyearbyen scheduled for tomorrow. Ensure you label your luggage tags clearly with your name and ship cabin number.

The remainder of your time is at leisure. All meals today are at your own expense. 

Accommodation: The Clarion Hotel Oslo (or similar)

A photo of Longyearbyen in Svalbard with snow on houses during the winter
Day 2

Fly to Longyearbyen and embark

Make sure your luggage is properly tagged with your name and cabin number. Keep all valuables and personal items with you throughout the day. Your luggage will be delivered to your cabin prior to your arrival on board.

During the journey to Camp Barentz in Advent Valley, your guide will share the captivating history of Longyearbyen. At Camp Barentz, gather in the traditional 'lavvo' for a presentation. Meet the friendly huskies and browse for souvenirs. Later, visit the Svalbard Museum in town before boarding the vessel in the late afternoon.

After boarding, take some time to get comfortable in your cabin before attending the mandatory safety briefings. This evening, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your expedition team and crew members.

Panorama Showing the Magdalena fjord in Svalbard
Days 3 - 7

Exploring Svalbard

Svalbard represents the pinnacle of Arctic wilderness. Our seasoned Expedition Team, armed with extensive regional expertise, will meticulously design our daily itinerary based on weather, sea ice conditions, and wildlife sightings.

Encounter awe-inspiring fjords, grand mountain ranges, and a polar desert teeming with fossils, steeped in the lore of early explorers. Observe walruses lounging on sea ice or beaches, and wander through tundra blanketed with colorful wildflowers. Visit towering cliffs alive with nesting guillemots and puffins, and explore scree slopes home to Svalbard’s largest colonies of little auks. The adventure's pinnacle is the potential encounter with the majestic polar bear on the pack ice – a moment eagerly anticipated by both you and our dedicated Expedition Team.

For those who have chosen activities like kayaking, opportunities will present themselves as conditions allow. And for the brave souls considering the polar plunge, get ready for an exhilarating dip whenever conditions are favorable – an unforgettable experience to treasure for years.

Oslo Harbour
Day 8

Disembark Longyearbyen and fly to Oslo

In the morning, we sail back to Longyearbyen. Bid farewell to your Expedition Team upon disembarkation and enjoy some leisure time before transferring to the airport for our charter flight back to Oslo.

Please note that our arrival time in Oslo depends on the approved flight slot for our charter flight to Longyearbyen, which is expected to be confirmed by February 2025.



Zodiac Cruising

travellers viewing a polar bear from a Zodiac boat in Svalbard

Join us on daily adventures with our fleet of Zodiacs, expertly piloted by polar guides who will take you to the heart of stunning natural landscapes and wildlife. Enjoy the excitement of shore landings on secluded beaches and cruises through icy waters to explore intriguing sites. Every day promises new adventures and unforgettable encounters with the wild while experiencing the comfort and thrill of our Zodiacs.


Kayaks and Activity Platform Greg Mortimer

Embark on a thrilling sea kayaking adventure that  takes you through breathtaking polar landscapes. All necessary equipment will be provided, so you don't have to worry about a thing. As you glide through the icy waters, you'll be surrounded by stunning vistas that are sure to leave an indelible mark on your memory. This is a seamless and exciting way to experience the wonders of the natural world.

*Please note that limited spots are available for this exclusive experience and there is an additional charge. Please enquire at time of reservation.

Your Ship

Your Ship

Greg Mortimer

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