Northwest Passage Cruises 2026

Embark on a remarkable journey along the legendary sea route linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the remote Canadian Arctic on a Northwest Passage Cruise in 2026.

A Guide to Northwest Passage Cruises 2025

Embarking on a Northwest Passage cruise in 2026 assures an exceptional adventure through one of the world’s most iconic and secluded waterways. With numerous new voyages and vessels available in 2026, our Travel Experience team is dedicated to assisting you in planning every detail of your Northwest Passage Cruise, from selecting the ideal vessel to providing insights on the itineraries.

Northwest Passage Cruises in 2026 set sail between July and September, the exclusive window when the route is navigable for ships due to heavy sea ice at other times of the year. New options include traversing the entire Northwest Passage or opting for shorter journeys that explore specific sections of the route.

Reservations for Northwest Passage cruises in 2026 open approximately two years before departure. If you need guidance or assistance in finding what you’re looking for, please get in touch with our Travel Experience Team.

Are you interested in exploring other years? Check out our Northwest Passage Cruises guide below.

Northwest Passage Cruises July 2026

July marks the commencement of the cruise season in the Northwest Passage. With temperatures above freezing and lingering winter sea ice, it’s an excellent month for wildlife enthusiasts. Explore our curated selection of Northwest Passage Cruises in July 2026.

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Northwest Passage Cruises August 2026

August presents an optimal opportunity to traverse the Northwest Passage, as the narrow seaway is ice-free. Above the Arctic Circle, you’ll witness the midnight sun, providing extraordinary moments. August is ideal for wildlife sightings, with many species, including whales, becoming more active. Discover your preferred Northwest Passage cruises in August 2026 below.

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Northwest Passage Cruises September 2026

September is perfect for extended, in-depth voyages as sea ice reaches its lowest levels. As temperatures begin to drop and the first snow returns, it offers the best month to experience the Northern Lights with the return of darkness to the Arctic. Explore our Northwest Passage Cruises in September 2026 below.

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Northwest Passage Small Ship Cruises 2026

Ideal for photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventurers seeking extra activities like kayaking, and guests wanting to maximize their time exploring off the ship, small-vessel cruises to the Northwest Passage in 2026 provide an intimate experience. Here’s a selection of our finest Northwest Passage small ship cruises in 2026.

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Northwest Passage Luxury Cruises 2026

For guests desiring additional comforts, please choose from our carefully selected Northwest Passage luxury cruises in 2026.

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Northwest Passage Travel Guide

Northwest Passage Destination Guide

Learn about when to visit, how to get there and the unique history of the Northwest Passage.

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