South Georgia Cruises 2026

Embark on an unforgettable cruise in 2026 to South Georgia Island—an untamed sanctuary teeming with wildlife and home to the world's densest penguin populations

A Guide To South Georgia Cruises 2026

Prepare for an extraordinary journey as you sail on a South Georgia Island cruise in 2026. Immerse yourself in the allure of this remarkable island, celebrated for its incredible wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. With an array of exhilarating new voyages in 2026, our devoted Travel Experience team is ready to guide you through every facet of your South Georgia Island Cruise. Whether you’re delving into ship details, planning exciting activities, or seeking insights into various voyages, we are dedicated to crafting a uniquely tailored experience just for you.

The South Georgia Island Cruises in 2026 cast off between November and March, revealing a mesmerizing display of wildlife—from penguins nesting in the early season to beaches adorned with King penguin chicks and fur seal pups later in the summer. Explore enticing options, including combining your South Georgia Island expedition with other Southern Hemisphere wonders like Antarctica or the Falkland Islands. Reservations for South Georgia Island cruises in 2026 open approximately two years before departure.

For expert guidance and assistance in finding the perfect journey, contact our Travel Experience Team. Are you eager to discover more? Dive into the wonders in our comprehensive South Georgia Island Cruises guide below.

South Georgia Cruises January 2026

January unfolds the peak of the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, beckoning an awe-inspiring concentration of wildlife to South Georgia Island. Penguins, seals, and diverse seabirds engage in vibrant breeding activities, creating a lively and bustling natural spectacle. Here are the top South Georgia cruises, handpicked for you to embark on in January 2026.

guest in the falkland islands
Includes Flight Seeing
Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires
Jan 18 2026 - Feb 09 2026
22 Nights

Price from per person

Small Ship
Ushuaia to Ushuaia
Jan 24 - Feb 10 2026
17 Nights

Price from per person


South Georgia Cruises February 2026

February extends the Southern Hemisphere summer, offering milder temperatures and ideal weather conditions. Experience the island bathed in relatively warmer temperatures, enhancing outdoor activities and exploration. This month is a prime time for wildlife observation, featuring adorable penguin chicks and seal pups. Explore a selection of recommended South Georgia cruises in February 2026.

Door to Door
Puerto Williams to Puerto Williams
Feb 7 2026 - Feb 22 2026
15 Nights

Price from per person

Ushuaia to Ushuaia
Feb 1 - Feb 18 2026
17 Nights

Price from per person

Door To Door
Puerto Williams to Puerto Williams
Feb 15 2026 - Mar 5 2026
18 Nights

Price from per person


South Georgia Cruises March 2026

March marks the finale of the Southern Hemisphere summer, inviting you to witness the concluding chapters of the wildlife season. While some breeding activities wind down, it’s a splendid time to observe various species of penguins, seals, and seabirds in their late-season behaviours. With fewer visitors than peak summer, March provides a serene and intimate experience, allowing a deeper connection with the surroundings and wildlife.

No Cruises Found

South Georgia Cruises November 2026

November heralds the commencement of the wildlife season on South Georgia Island. As many species enter the early stages of their reproductive cycles, visitors can witness the initial courtship and nesting activities among penguins and seals. November unveils South Georgia Island’s pristine landscapes adorned with lingering snow from the Southern Hemisphere’s winter, offering a tranquil backdrop. Discover our South Georgia cruises below to explore the wonders of November 2026.

No Cruises Found

South Georgia Cruises December 2026

December crescendos into the height of the Southern Hemisphere’s summer, igniting abundant wildlife activities. Witness iconic species like king penguins, seals, and seabirds engaging in their captivating reproductive behaviours. This includes the heartwarming spectacle of hatching penguin chicks and seal pups. December provides relatively mild temperatures, ensuring comfortable outdoor exploration and wildlife observation conditions.

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