Svalbard Cruises 2026

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey through majestic glaciers, sweeping landscapes, and the flourishing wildlife of the Arctic on an exclusive Svalbard Cruise in 2026

Your Guide to Svalbard Cruises 2025

Setting sail on a Svalbard cruise in 2026 is an invitation to uncover the wonders of this captivating arctic archipelago, renowned for its polar bears and unique wildlife. With an exciting array of new voyages in 2026, our dedicated Travel Experience team is prepared to guide you through every facet of your Svalbard Expedition. From unraveling the nuances of different ships and activities to offering valuable insights into diverse voyages, we are committed to curating a distinctive experience tailored just for you.


Svalbard cruises in 2026 unfold between April and September, each presenting a unique spectacle – from the frozen seascapes of early spring to the enchanting autumnal hues of sunrises and sunsets. Explore thrilling options, including combining Svalbard with other Arctic marvels such as Greenland, Iceland, and Norway.


Reservations for Svalbard expeditions in 2026 open approximately two years before departure. For expert guidance and assistance in finding the perfect journey, connect with our Travel Experience Team.

Curious about other years? Uncover the wonders that await you in our comprehensive Svalbard Expeditions guide below.

Svalbard Cruises April 2026

Witness the rebirth of Svalbard from winter’s grasp as you set forth on an expedition through frozen seascapes aboard a sturdy, ice-strengthened expedition ship. Revel in the enchanting frozen vistas of Svalbard on our April 2026 cruises.

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Svalbard Cruises May 2026

As summer beckons embrace the mesmerizing glow of the midnight sun in May. Immerse yourself in the magic of snow-covered shores, offering thrilling opportunities for snowshoeing and capturing breathtaking photographs amidst the awe-inspiring landscapes of Svalbard.

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Svalbard Cruises June 2026

Experience the heart of Svalbard in June, where the sun graces the sky day and night. This is your chance to explore the lingering traces of winter on an extended journey towards the northern sea ice. Brace for an exhilarating surge in wildlife activity, providing exceptional opportunities to observe animals, including polar bears hunting along the sea ice edge or strolling along the shores.

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Svalbard Cruises July 2026

July marks the zenith of summer in Svalbard, with temperatures at their warmest during the endless days of perpetual sunlight. It’s the perfect month to immerse yourself in the wonders of wildlife and embark on extended voyages to the northeast. Dive into the excitement with our carefully crafted collection of Svalbard Cruises in July 2026.

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Svalbard Cruises August 2026

August unfolds as the ideal month for extended journeys, guiding you through the distinctive landscapes of Svalbard. As the winter sea ice retreats, safe passages reveal the hidden treasures of this Arctic sanctuary. Navigate through captivating landscapes and prepare for an adventure that unveils the secrets of Svalbard’s unique beauty.

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Svalbard Cruises September 2026

As September unfolds, bringing back the darkness and heralding the approach of autumn, it unveils the timeless golden hues of breathtaking sunrises and sunsets – a photographer’s dream. This is the opportune moment to witness the enchanting transition of Svalbard, capturing its magical allure in every frame.

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Svalbard Small Ship Cruises 2026


For enthusiasts craving adventure in an intimate environment, our Svalbard Small Ship expeditions in 2026 offer small group sizes and generous off-ship durations for exploration. Meticulously designed experiences to embrace the captivating landscapes of Svalbard await.

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Svalbard Luxury Cruises 2026

Indulge in comfort as you explore Svalbard with our recommended luxury expeditions in 2026, curated exclusively for discerning guests. Covering the most enchanting destinations in this Arctic jewel, your luxurious Arctic odyssey beckons, promising a journey of unparalleled refinement.

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