Andy Marsh

Founder of North Pole Cruises and a Polar Regions Specialist

Andy Marsh is a passionate explorer with an insatiable curiosity for the polar regions. With over 15 years of experience travelling to some of the Earth’s most remote and extreme corners, he has established himself as an expert in this field. His adventures have taken him across the Drake Passage and into the icy realms of Antarctica and South Georgia aboard tall ships.
Andy’s expertise extends beyond that. He has extensive experience working with small ships in Svalbard and Greenland, navigating the challenging and majestic Arctic waters. His commitment to exploration and profound understanding of these unique environments have made him an expert in expedition cruising.

Did You Know?

Andy’s notable achievements include his time on the Falkland Islands, where he pivotally set up the Island’s first TV station, FITV, in 2011. His pioneering spirit helped train the first TV crew and their dedication to bringing stories from the world’s edge to a broader audience.

Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Adventure

Andy’s passion for the polar regions matches his love for sharing this knowledge with others. As a polar know-it-all, he enjoys helping guests plan their expeditions, providing insights and guidance that can only come from years of firsthand experience. His detailed knowledge and engaging storytelling make him an invaluable resource for anyone planning an expedition cruise.

Andy’s most recent and thrilling voyage was on Le Commandant Charcot to East Greenland. This journey, filled with breathtaking landscapes and extraordinary experiences, is one of the many adventures that Andy loves to share, capturing the imagination and inspiring the explorer in all of us.

Professional Background

Andy holds a 1st Masters degree in Creative Writing and video production. After running a successful video production company for 10 years, the polar bug became too much. Andy co-founded the tour operator start-up Secret Atlas, offering small ship expeditions in Svalbard. After five years, Andy founded North Pole Cruises to focus solely on providing an outstanding travel agency experience across multiple destinations.

Professional Qualifications
  • Polar Tourism Guides Association (PTGA) Certification
  • RYA Dayskipper and RYA Powerboat Level 2
  • BA Hons Creative Writing and Video Production

Engage With Andy

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a novice explorer, Andy’s expertise and enthusiasm for the polar regions will enrich your journey, making it unforgettable. Engage with Andy to plan your next polar expedition and discover the wonders of the world’s most remote and breathtaking regions.

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