Falkland Island Cruises & Luxury Expeditions

Explore an archipelago of over 700 remote windswept islands and encounter a pristine haven for wildlife set to a backdrop of deserted white sand beaches and untouched landscapes.

Introducing Falkland Islands Cruises

Often combined with voyages to Antarctica and South Georgia, Falkland Islands cruises are an exceptional choice for wildlife lovers, bird watchers, and guests who enjoy exploring untouched nature. An expedition cruise to the Falkland Islands offers an ideal way to explore the archipelago's furthest reaches and visit sites only accessible from the sea.

With daily shore landing by Zodiac with a team of naturalist guides, you will land on remote sandy beaches where seals haul out, penguins nest as far as the eye can see, and Orcas circle the sea. Guests can enjoy spectacular natural sites such as the largest colony of black-browed albatrosses on Steeple Jason Island, where over 250,000 birds gather on the rocky island. 

An expedition cruise to the Falkland Islands would only be complete with learning about its diverse History, from its first sighting in 1592 to the 1982 conflict with Argentina.

Our hand-picked Falkland Island cruises are selected by our team of experts on small modern expedition ships with outstanding levels of comfort and a small, intimate group size. 

Led by an expert team of guides and naturalists, our Falkland Islands cruises offer an enriching expedition experience. 

Cruises to The Falkland Islands

Saint Andrews Bay and King Penguins South Georgia Island Cruises
Door To Door
Puerto Williams to Puerto Williams
Oct 29 - Nov 16 2024
18 Nights

Price from per person

No Single Supplement
Ushuaia - Ushuaia
Dec 12 2025 - Dec 30 2025
17 Nights

Price from per person

Antarctica midnight sun
No Single Supplement
Ushuaia - Ushuaia
Dec 20 2025 - Jan 07 2026
17 Nights

Price from per person


Falkland Islands Cruises Highlights

Why Visit?


Discover wildlife on remote untamed beaches

From curious Gentoo penguins often approaching on the sand to jousting elephant seals and Orcas circling close to shore for prey, wildlife watching on the Falkland Islands can sometimes feel like watching a natural history programme unfold before you.


Explore a bird watchers paradise

With no land-based predators, the islands offer a haven for birdlife, with up to 220 recorded species, including five penguin species, which can be seen from the ship, the shore, or on Zodiac excursions.


Learn about the island's fascinating History

From the remnants of the 1982 conflict to farming traditions and historical buildings, the Falkland Islands' story, revealed through the guides, will fascinate any history lover.


Hike Untouched Landscapes

The Falkland Islands offer pristine scenery, making it the perfect place to enjoy time in nature, hiking along empty beaches on remote islands and across landscapes virtually untouched by humans.


Small Group Expedition Experience In Comfort

A part of a Falkland Islands cruise is the experience on the ship itself. Small, Modern expedition ships offer the ideal platform for exploring and are equipped with Zodiacs for shore landings and teams of highly experienced guides.

What To See On A Falkland Islands Cruise

Falkland islands wildlife King penguins on a cruise


A paradise for wildlife lovers, nowhere can you see Falkland Island Steamer Ducks and Cobbs Wrens. Black-browed Albatrosses nest on remote islands, and penguins are visited more frequently than humans. 


With three breeding species of seal (Fur Seals, elephant seals, and Sea lions) and over 20 species of cetaceans, including dolphins and whales, the Falkland Islands offer bountiful opportunities to encounter unique wildlife in its natural home from the ship, the shore, or a Zodiac.

church and whale bone arch in Stanley Falkland islands

Sites Of Historical Interest

Steeped in History, the Falkland Islands has many sites of historical interest, from the remnants of battlefields from the 1982 conflict to shipwrecks and the site of the first British settlers.

Remote Landscapes and Beaches

Deserted white sand beaches with azure waters, Stone runs (a unique geological feature to the Falkland Islands), Tussock Grass and sea cliffs make the Falkland Islands one of Earth's most windswept scenic places.

Getting to Your Falkland Islands Cruise

Due to the remote nature of the Falkland Islands and the lack of infrastructure, one of the best ways to experience it is on an expedition cruise with shore landings. Some landing sites, such as Steeple Jason Island, are only accessible by ship, making it the perfect choice for travellers looking to experience the best the Falkland Islands offer. 

Most Falkland Islands cruises include Antarctica and South Georgia as part of a longer itinerary. Often, these expedition cruises depart from Ushuaia, Argentina, which is connected to Buenos Aires by daily flights for onward international connections. Most cruises include a charter flight between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia for a seamless travel experience.  

LATAM Airlines has a weekly air connection between Mount Pleasant and Punta Arenas in Chile for cruises departing from Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Transfers from Mount Pleasant to Stanley are usually included with the cruise.

Please see our guide below for all the different ways to get to The Falkland Islands.

When To Go On A Cruise To The Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands Cruises occur during the summer, starting in late September or early October. This marks the beginning of the penguin breeding season, which ends as soon as March approaches. Wildlife-watching opportunities are excellent throughout the season, and the best month to take a cruise to the Falkland Islands depends on your preferences and wildlife-watching opportunities.  

October witnessed the return of the Falkland Islands’ 22 species of breeding seabirds. Gentoo penguins are busy nesting, Rockhopper and King penguins return to the lonely sandy beaches, and Magellanic penguins breed in burrows. This is the best period to witness male Southern Elephant seals fight each other to control the beaches. 

The best time for cruising in the Falkland Islands is from November to February, as this is the warmest period and when wildlife activity is at its peak. During November, penguins and albatrosses are incubating their eggs. December is the best time to witness hatching and penguins walking for the first time. January and February are excellent months to see Rockhopper and Gentoo penguins in their creches. 

For more information on the best time to visit the Falkland Islands with a breakdown of wildlife month by month, please see our guide below.

Type Of Falkland Islands Cruises


Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica Cruises

Explore the Falkland Islands on an epic voyage that includes South Georgia and Antarctica for total immersion. It is ideal for wildlife lovers and guests exploring the region in-depth.
Greg Mortimer small ship in South Georgia

South Georgia and Falkland Islands Cruises

Each year a small number of Falkland Islands and South Georgia take place that offer an in-depth exploration of the islands without visiting Antarctica. These cruises are ideal for guests that have already been to Antarctica that would like to see more of the Falkland islands and South Georgia.
Tristan Da Cunha Cruise

South Atlantic Cruises

South Atlantic cruises that sail from Antarctica often explore the Falkland Islands on their way north at the end of the season.

Places To Explore On A Falkland Islands Cruise

Steeple Jason Island

At just over 3 square Miles, this small island is home to the Earth's largest colony of black-browed albatrosses, as well as an abundance of penguins, seals, and sea lions.
Gentoo Penguins on a Beach in Bleaker IslandFalkland Islands

Bleaker Island

A long, thin-lying island with excellent hiking and wildlife-watching opportunities, including three types of penguins and a massive colony of Imperial Cormorants.
Buildings in Port Stanley Falkland Islands

Port Stanley

Port Stanley is the capital of the Falkland Islands and home to 2,500 Falkland Islanders. It has a variety of fascinating museums, cafes, shops, and memorials to the 1982 war.
Birds On Westpoint islands in the falkland Islands

Westpoint Island

With the highest sea cliffs in the Falklands, this scenic island is a must-see for bird lovers. It is home to albatrosses, Falkland steamer ducks, penguins, and Cobb's wrens, which are endemic to the Falkland Islands.
Carcass Island farm building Falkland islands

Carcass Island

Identified as an important bird area, the island is home to abundant birdlife and scenic landscapes with carefully preserved Tussock grass. It's one of the only places to see trees on the Falkland Islands.

Plan Your Falkland Islands Cruise

Book Well in Advance: Falkland Island cruises are less frequent than Antarctica cruises, and often book up in advance. We recommend booking a year ahead to secure your preferred cabin and ship.

Choose Your Itinerary: With various ships, activities and itineraries, our Travel Experience Team is here to assist you with a wealth of knowledge and recommend different options based on your preferences.

Reserve Your Cabin With North Pole Cruises: We will ensure you receive the best price from the operator when booking. Our knowledgeable Travel Experience Team will help you choose your trip and answer any questions. We will provide lots of helpful information, including packing lists, before the voyage and support you during your journey if you have any issues. We offer peace of mind with our 100% financial protection with every booking.

Travel Insurance: When booking, purchase comprehensive travel insurance for your Falkland Islands cruise that covers trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and evacuation from remote locations. Ensure that your policy explicitly covers travel to remote regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a Falkland Islands cruise varies depending on a wide range of factors, including the ship size, the level of luxury, the number of guests, the time of year, and the length of your chosen itinerary. Please see individual cruises for more information on costs. 

Our Travel Experience Team is here to help you plan your expedition, offer our advice about which ship fits your preferences and recommend different accommodation options to suit you.

Yes, we offer no single supplement on selected Falkland Islands cruises. Our Travel Experience Team has access to the best offers for solo travellers. We recommend you contact us with your requirements, and we can help you find the best no-single supplement for the Falkland Islands cruise.

Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, The Falkland Islands have a cool maritime climate characterized by relatively mild temperatures, strong winds, and variable weather conditions. The islands will feel milder to guests who have travelled to Antarctica first. 

During the summer, between December and February, temperatures range from 41°F to 59°F (5°C to 15°C), although temperatures can feel much warmer in the intense sun. Summer is also the rainiest season, with higher chances of precipitation. 

The Falkland Islands are known for strong and persistent winds and changeable weather. Visitors should be prepared for various conditions, including rain, wind, and potential temperature fluctuations. When booking a trip through North Pole Cruises, we will supply you with a detailed packing list.

Each Falkland Islands trip includes well-appointed cabin accommodations, meals, expert guides, guest lecturers outlined in the itinerary, Zodiac cruises and excursions, and specified charter flights.

Please check the tour page of your chosen itinerary to see a complete list of inclusions.

Financial security is paramount for our clients, so all bookings made through North Pole Cruises include 100% financial protection. We also include supplier failure insurance free of charge for extra peace of mind. This ensures you have the very best protection on your booking. 

When reserving your chosen itinerary, the payment options will be quoted.

Typical payment terms are a 30% deposit when booking to reserve your cabin and the final balance payable 120 days before departure. 

We accept payment via credit card or bank transfer.

Our Falkland Island cruises are expedition-style, including shore landings, Zodiac excursions, hiking, and guest lecturers. 

On selected Falkland Island cruises, optional activities such as kayaking are available. All activities are subject to availability and weather conditions. 

During the reservation process, please specify which activities you are interested in, and we will assist you in finding the proper voyage. Depending on the ship, some activities are included in the cost, and others are extra.

Falkland Island cruises are typically 21 days long but can be longer or shorter depending on the chosen voyage. The most common and recommended route is sailing from Ushuaia to Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands in a fabulous loop, usually taking at least three weeks.

We recommend booking your Falkland Islands cruise 12 – 18 months in advance to guarantee your preferred ship and cabin option. We often have last-minute availability on select departures for late bookers.

Please contact our Travel Experience Team to find out about last-minute availability.

The first step to booking your Falkland Islands cruise is to contact our Travel Experience Team. They will be happy to help you choose an itinerary and provide details about availability and pricing for your selected voyage.

Do you need help planning your expedition cruise?

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