South Georgia Cruises & Luxury Expeditions

Explore this sub-antarctic island known for some of Earth's largest concentrations of wildlife, steeped in a rich history from whaling to polar exploration.


Our carefully selected South Georgia Cruises, chosen by our polar experts, offer you the chance to explore the bountiful wildlife, captivating history and remote landscapes of South Georgia with a team of expert guides.

Often overlooked by travellers to Antarctica, South Georgia is a must for wildlife lovers and explorers. An expedition cruise to South Georgia offers a chance to encounter St Andrews Bay with a bustling King Penguin rookery, one of the largest on Earth with over 400,000 nesting pairs. With daily shore landing by Zodiac, you will land on desolate beaches where elephant seals rest, curious penguins approach, and albatrosses soar overhead. 

Favoured by polar history lovers, South Georgia is the resting place of British explorer Ernest Shackleton. In 1916, he sailed from Antarctica in a lifeboat and made the first land crossing of South Georgia as part of his rescue attempt from the ill-fated Endurance Expedition.

Modern, small expedition ships now make it possible to explore South Georgia comfortably with the benefit of an intimate group size. Led by an expert polar team of guides and special guests, our South Georgia cruises offer a rich expedition experience.

Cruises to South Georgia

Door to Door
Puerto Williams to Puerto Williams
Feb 7 2026 - Feb 22 2026
15 Nights

Price from per person

King penguins in South Georgia on a cruise
Small Ship
Ushuaia to Ushuaia
Nov 13 - Dec 02 2025
20 Nights

Price from per person

South Georgia island cruises king Penguins At Sunrise
Door To Door
Puerto Williams to Puerto Williams
Dec 21 2025 - Jan 8 2026
18 Nights

Price from per person


Highlights Of A South Georgia Cruise

Why Visit?


Meet South Georgia's Penguins

There are four species of penguins living in South Georgia, with a total population of over one million. Hundreds of thousands of King Penguins nest each year, and Macaronis, Gentoos, and a smaller population of chin straps are seen throughout the coast.


Follow In The Footsteps of Explorer Ernest Shackleton

Visit Fortuna Bay, where Shackleton famously crossed South Georgia, and pay a toast to him by his grave in the small graveyard at Grytviken.


Encounter an Abundance Of Wildlife Like Nowhere Else on Earth

Explore remote beaches home to over 3 million Fur and Southern Elephant Seals. Wandering albatrosses nest on remote islets, and over 30 million seabirds come to the island to breed.


Explore Grytviken, A Former Whaling Settlement

From the hulks of former whaling ships resting on the shoreline to the remnants of whaling machinery, visiting Grytviken and its museum is an atmospheric look into past life on such a remote outpost.


Small Group Expedition Experience In Comfort

A part of a South Georgia cruise is the experience on the ship itself. Modern, stabilised ships offer great food, well-appointed cabins, many with verandas, and a highly experienced team of polar experts.

What To See

Albatrosses nesting on South Georgia Island

Rich Birdlife

Some of the 31 bird species in South Georgia are Wandering Albatrosses, South Georgia pipits, Antarctic prion, southern giant petrels, skuas, and penguins.

Elephant seals on a South Georgia cruise

Diverse Marinelife

Four species of seal (fur, southern elephant, Weddell and Leopard) can be seen on the beaches and Whales (Southern Right, Fin Whales, Sperm) and pods of Orcas are sighted along the coast.

Norweigan Church in Grytviken South Georgia on a Cruise

Sites Of Historical Interest

From stepping inside the church in Grytviken built in 1913 to the abandoned, decaying whaling stations along the coast, South Georgia is surrounded by history.

View from cruise ship in South Georgia of landscape

Captivating Landscapes

Epic, sweeping beaches, a mountainous interior with the highest peak, Mount Paget, standing at 9,565 feet (2,915 m), to the steep-sided Drygalski fjord, South Georgia has some of the most majestic landscapes on Earth

Getting to South Georgia

South Georgia Island has no airport and is only accessible by sea. The only option for getting to South Georgia as a visitor is on an expedition cruise from South America or the Falkland Islands. South Georgia has no roads or ports, so the only way to explore it is on an expedition cruise with daily shore landings by Zodiac with a team of expert guides.

Expedition cruises to South Georgia often include the Antarctic Peninsula and the Falkland Islands in their itineraries. However, it is possible to take a cruise that visits South Georgia and spends more time there. Due to the interchangeable weather in South Georgia, we always recommend a cruise with a good time window for visiting, as bad weather can make shore landings impossible.

Please see our guide below for all the different ways to get to South Georgia Island.

When To Go On A Cruise To South Georgia

South Georgia Cruises operate during the southern summer, starting in the springtime (November) and ending at the start of the Autumn (March). The best month for a South Georgia cruise depends on what wildlife you want to see, but all months have extraordinary wildlife viewing opportunities. 

In November, South Georgia’s shores become alive once more as penguins return to mate, sea birds start nesting, and elephant seal pups take over the beaches. The landscapes are still fresh with snow from the winter, and cruise visitors are at their lowest.   

The peak summer months between December and February are the most active for wildlife viewing and cruise visitors. King penguins are busy nesting, and Gentoos are hatching. Male fur seals can be seen along the beaches, and whale sightings increase throughout the summer.  

As Autumn approaches during March, the beaches are littered with baby fur seals, and brown, fluffy King Penguin chicks abound. The shores are free of snow, which allows better opportunities for hiking and exploring. Whale sightings are plentiful, with fewer visitors than the peak summer months. 

To learn more about what South Georgia offers on an expedition cruise each month, please see our When to Visit South Georgia.

Choose Your Year

South Georgia Cruises 2024

South Georgia Cruises 2025

South Georgia Cruises 2026

Types of South Georgia Cruises

South Georgia cruises with Silversea

Antarctica and South Georgia Cruises

The most common way to visit South Georgia is on a cruise that includes the Antarctic Peninsula sailing from Ushuaia in Argentina.
south georgia luxury cruises with silversea

Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica Cruises

Select voyages to visit the Falkland Islands as part of an extended itinerary, including South Georgia and Antarctica. Perfect for wildlife lovers and those looking to see more.
Greg Mortimer small ship in South Georgia

South Georgia Small Ships Cruises

Small ship cruises to South Georgia are the best option for wildlife lovers, photographers, and guests who want to spend ample time ashore.
Zodiac cruising in South Georgia during the summer

South Georgia Only Cruises

A few select South Georgia-only cruises take place each year. These cruises are for guests who want to explore South Georgia in-depth
Tristan Da Cunha Cruise

South Atlantic Cruises

At the end of the season, South Atlantic cruises that also visit Tristan Da Cunha and Saint Helena include South Georgia on their way north.

Places To Explore On A South Georgia Cruise

Saint Andrews Bay and King Penguins South Georgia Island Cruises

Saint Andrews Bay

Set against a dramatic backdrop, Saint Andrews Bay is home to 400,000 nesting King Penguins, one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth.
King Penguins on Salisbury Plain South Georgia

Salisbury Plain

An extensive beach with the biggest Elephant Seal colony in South Georgia and the 2nd largest colony of King Penguins, totalling over 150,000.

Cooper Bay

An exceptional site for wildlife viewing, at Cooper Bay, it is possible to visit a colony of Macaroni penguins who live in the tussock grass along with numerous other species


The former whaling settlement has a museum with a lifesize replica of Shackleton's rescue boat, the James Caird, a church, remnants of the former whaling machinery and abandoned ships.
Gold Harbour King Penguins South Georgia

Gold Harbour

A small bay famed for its extraordinary wildlife, including South Georgia Pintails, Albatrosses, fur seals, elephant seals and King Penguins

Recommended South Georgia Cruise Ships

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Plan Your South Georgia Cruise

Book Well in Advance: South Georgia cruises have limited availability and fill up quickly. To secure your cabin, reserve your cruise well in advance.

Choose Your Itinerary: There are various ships, itineraries, and activities. Choose a voyage that aligns with your interests, whether it's wildlife viewing or specific activities such as kayaking. Our Travel Experience will recommend different options for you based on your preferences.

Reserve Your Cabin With North Pole Cruises: We will ensure you receive the best price from the operator when booking. Our knowledgeable Travel Experience Team will help you choose your trip and answer any questions. We will provide lots of helpful information, including packing lists, before the voyage and support you during your journey if you have any issues. With every booking, we offer peace of mind with our 100% financial protection.

Travel Insurance: When booking, purchase comprehensive travel insurance for your South Georgia cruise that covers trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and evacuation from remote locations. Ensure that your policy explicitly covers polar tr

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a South Georgia cruise varies depending on a wide range of factors, including the ship size, the level of luxury, the number of guests, the time of year, and the length of your chosen itinerary. 

A small ship cruise to South Georgia, including Antarctica and The Falkland Islands on the Greg Mortimer in November 2024 starts from £16,966 ($21,516, €19,903) per person in a stateroom with portholes to £33,873 ($42,956, €39,736) per person for the Captain’s Suite.

An 18-day luxury South Georgia cruise in 2024, visiting Antarctica and the Falkland Islands with flights included from Santiago in Chile, starts from £15,043 (€17,650, $19,074) per person for the Vista Suite and goes up to £80,163 ($101,643 €94,050) per person for the luxurious Owners Suite.

Our Travel Experience Team is here to help you plan your expedition, offer our advice about which ship fits your preferences and recommend different accommodation options to suit you.

Yes, we offer no single supplement on selected South Georgia cruises. Our Travel Experience Team have access to the best offers for solo travellers. We recommend you contact us with your requirements, and we can help you find the best no-single supplement South Georgia cruise for you.

Due to the region’s subantarctic location, the weather on a South Georgia cruise can be variable. Although the climate is generally cold and windy, it is sometimes sunny. The cruise season occurs during the southern hemisphere’s summer, from November to March when the temperatures are relatively milder than the harsh winter conditions.

Here are some general characteristics of the weather you might encounter on a South Georgia cruise:


Summer temperatures in South Georgia can range from around 30°F to 50°F (-1°C to 10°C). While this might sound relatively mild, wind chill can make it feel colder, so it’s essential to be prepared with appropriate clothing.


 South Georgia experiences a significant amount of rainfall, often in the form of rain. It’s not uncommon to have rainy and overcast days.


The region is known for strong winds, and weather conditions can change rapidly. Wind speeds can significantly affect how the weather feels.

Sea Conditions

The Southern Ocean can be rough at times. Modern expedition ships have stabilisers to help reduce movement in bad weather.

During your reservation process, we will provide a detailed packing list to ensure you have all the necessary clothing to keep you warm and dry on your South Georgia Cruise.

Each South Georgia Cruise includes accommodation in well-appointed cabins, meals, expert guides, guest lecturers outlined in the itinerary, Zodiac cruises and excursions, and specified charter flights.

Please check the tour page of your chosen itinerary to see a complete list of inclusions.

Financial security is paramount for our clients, so all bookings made through North Pole Cruises include 100% financial protection. We also include supplier failure insurance free of charge for extra peace of mind. This ensures you have the very best protection on your booking. 

When reserving your chosen itinerary, the payment options will be quoted.

Typical payment terms are a 25% deposit when booking to reserve your cabin and the final balance payable 90 days before departure. 

We accept payment via credit card or bank transfer.

On selected South Georgia cruises, kayaking, hiking, photography and a polar plunge are offered. Activities are subject to availability and weather conditions. 

During the reservation process, please specify which activities you are interested in, and we will assist you in finding the proper voyage. Depending on the ship, some activities are included in the cost, and others are extra.

A cruise that includes South Georgia typically lasts at least 14 days, with options extending to 18- and 21-day voyages. We highly recommend a longer cruise to allow ample time to visit multiple landing sites.

We recommend booking your South Georgia cruise 12 – 18 months in advance to guarantee your preferred ship and cabin option. That said, we always have last-minute availability on select departures.

Please get in touch with our Travel Experience Team to find out about last-minute availability.

The first step to booking your South Georgia cruise is to contact our Travel Experience Team. They will be happy to help you choose an itinerary and provide details about availability and pricing for your selected voyage.

Do you need help planning your expedition?

Our friendly and knowledgeable Travel Experience Team is ready to assist you.

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