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Ushuaia to Ushuaia

Antarctica, South Georgia, Falkland Islands
November - December
20 Nights

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King penguins in South Georgia on a cruise
Small Ship
Ushuaia to Ushuaia
Nov 13 - Dec 02 2025
20 Nights

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King penguins in South Georgia on a cruise
Small Ship
Ushuaia to Ushuaia
Nov 4 - Nov 23 2024
20 Nights

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Small Ship
Ushuaia to Ushuaia
Dec 19 2024 - Jan 07 2025
20 Nights

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Cruise Overview

This small ship expedition cruise to the Falklands (Malvinas), South Georgia, and Antarctica offers to explore these remote islands and their wildlife, along with the 7th Continent. Immerse yourself in the charm of Stanley, a quintessentially English village nestled in the Falklands, roam its serene sandy dunes, and engage in bird watching along the dramatic cliffs teeming with seabirds. South Georgia awaits its breathtaking beaches, home to breeding king penguins amid one of the planet's most concentrated areas of animal life. Here, you'll delve into each site's profound historical narratives.

Both islands are wildlife sanctuaries, showcasing spectacular gatherings of animals in their thousands, a genuinely majestic spectacle. The adventure continues as you go to the mesmerising landscapes of the Antarctic Peninsula, a realm of ice, snow, and untamed natural beauty. This journey offers a range of enriching activities and an expansive educational program, allowing you to follow your interests and deepen your connection with these extraordinary environments.


Cruise Highlights

Cruise Highlights

  • Dive into engaging talks given by our onboard experts in wildlife, history, glaciology, and geology, designed to enrich your understanding of the polar regions.Dive into engaging talks given by our onboard experts in wildlife, history, glaciology, and geology, designed to enrich your understanding of the polar regions.
  • Wander through the charming British town of Stanley in the Falkland Islands, where quaint streets and historical landmarks await.
  • Marvel at the diverse array of wildlife; the area is a haven for over 30 species of breeding birds, including an impressive seven different types of penguins.
  • Trace the historic journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton across South Georgia, where you'll have the opportunity to pay your respects at his gravesite.
  • Explore the Antarctic Peninsula by ship, Zodiac and on the shore with our team of expert polar guides.
  • And for those seeking a closer connection with the icy wilderness, opt for a paddling excursion to experience the Antarctic's serene beauty from the water.



An in-depth expedition cruise to discover the Falkland islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula

Day 1

Arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia, Argentina, serves as the starting point for this grand adventure. Nestled in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, Ushuaia may seem like a quaint small town at first glance. Still, it's alive with various shops, museums, cafés, and restaurants waiting to be explored before you set sail. For those with a thirst for adventure, the surrounding Tierra del Fuego National Park and Martial Glacier present numerous outdoor activities, including hiking, to immerse yourself in the region's stunning natural beauty.

Beagle Channel in Chile
Day 2


The excitement builds as you begin your journey. It's time to swap your land legs for sea legs, introduce yourself to fellow adventurers, and familiarise yourself with your new home at sea. Each journey to Antarctica brings unique opportunities and experiences, making the embarkation day thrilling for you and your Expedition Team. On board, the team will look after your comfort and safety and work tirelessly to turn your wildlife aspirations into reality.

sunset over the Drake Passage Antarctica
Day 3

At Sea

As you journey across the sea, your days will be enriched with engaging presentations from the Expedition Team, covering topics from photography and wildlife to glaciology and history. When you're not soaking up new knowledge, take the opportunity to scan the horizon for wildlife from the deck or enjoy some camaraderie over drinks at the bar with your fellow travellers.

Gentoo Penguins on a Beach in Bleaker IslandFalkland Islands
Days 4 and 5

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

As soon as you set foot in the Falklands (Malvinas), you'll find ample opportunities to use your camera to capture the rich wildlife and rugged charm of this sub-Antarctic region. The archipelago, consisting of the two main islands, East Falkland and West Falkland, will be yours to discover through daily Zodiac excursions and landings.

A visit to Stanley, also known as Port Stanley, is always a highlight. This town exudes a distinctive British outpost vibe, peppered with a unique eclectic charm. Feel free to wander, enjoy a pint at a local pub, or explore the various churches and museums at your leisure.

The Falklands are a haven for bird enthusiasts, boasting various species, including Magellanic, Gentoo, and southern rockhopper penguins. With some luck, you might even glimpse the majestic king penguins. The islands are also home to the black-browed albatross and two species found nowhere else: the flightless Falkland steamer duck and, if fortune favours, the rare Cobb's wren.

Throughout your stay, our polar experts will deepen your appreciation and understanding of the Falklands' unique ecosystem, ensuring you fully experience the wonders of this remarkable archipelago.

Albatross in flight over the Drake Passage
Days 6 & 7

At Sea

As we set our course southeast towards South Georgia, our adventure takes a significant turn the moment we cross the Antarctic Convergence. This unseen boundary wraps around the continent, marking where the chilly waters of the Antarctic blend with the warmer currents of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans. This natural phenomenon creates a hotspot for krill, drawing whales, seals, and a variety of birdlife to the region. Your Expedition Team will let you know when we've crossed this crucial line and will guide you in spotting the seabirds and marine creatures that thrive in this fertile expanse.

Days 8 - 11

South Georgia

This far-flung island, with its rugged mountains, was once a bustling hub for early Antarctic explorers and a centre for whaling and seal hunting. Nowadays, while the wildlife is making a remarkable comeback, the island still bears the scars of its past, with the ruins of old whaling stations and deserted outposts dotting the landscape.

One of the most poignant places you'll encounter in South Georgia is the final resting place of the legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. His grave is in Grytviken, a settlement featuring the remnants of a whaling station, alongside a museum, gift shop, church, and a modest research station.

While South Georgia's historical significance is undeniable, the island's extraordinary wildlife will truly mesmerise you. Often described as the "Galapagos of the Poles," each visit to South Georgia presents a new spectacle of nature. One day, you might find yourself amidst vast colonies of king penguins stretching as far as the eye can see. Another day could bring you face to face with beaches thronged by scores of fur or elephant seals. The island's vegetation, mountains, and sandy stretches are crucial for the reproduction and survival of these species. Your Expedition Leaders will enrich your experience by shedding light on the intricate and delicate balance that sustains this rich tapestry of life.

sunset over the Drake Passage Antarctica
Days 12 - 13

At Sea

It's time to bid farewell to the king penguins because Antarctica is on the horizon! As you navigate the seas towards your next awe-inspiring destination, your days will be packed with informative presentations, interactive workshops, and plenty of social activities, all hosted by your dedicated Expedition Team.

Antarctica on a small ship expedition cruise
Days 14 - 17

South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula

Describing the experience of arriving at the Antarctic Continent is a tall order, but awe and deep respect are often the first emotions that come to mind. In Antarctica, you'll find yourself moving between extremes—the profound silence and isolation one moment, and the next, you're chuckling at the sight of a penguin's playful behaviour.

Your days will be filled with adventure, from Zodiac cruises that bring you up close to the icy landscape to visits at historical points of interest and, of course, memorable encounters with seals and penguins. You might even lock eyes with a leopard seal, known as the penguin predator, or find yourself in a face-off with an Antarctic minke whale during a Zodiac journey. Every day offers a new set of wonders, ensuring your camera and sense of wonder are always engaged.

For those seeking even more thrilling experiences, consider an optional kayaking expedition (be sure to book in advance). Or, if you're feeling particularly bold, take part in the Polar Plunge—a refreshing dive into icy waters that's sure to be an unforgettable highlight of your trip!

Albatross in flight over the Drake Passage
Days 18 & 19

Crossing the Drake Passage

After over three weeks of unique wildlife sightings and breathtaking landscapes, it's time to start the journey home. The Drake Passage, known for its unpredictability and exhilaration, is an adventure all its own. As our expert onboard staff ensures your comfort and safety, you'll have ample opportunity to watch the ocean, capture photos of seabirds gliding by the ship, and ponder the unforgettable Antarctic experiences you've had.

Ushuaia harbour in Argentina
Day 20

Disembark in Ushuaia

The moment arrives to bid farewell to your Expedition Team after a final breakfast together on the ship. Airport transfers will be arranged for those catching the earliest flights back home. If your flight leaves later, you'll be transported to the town centre instead, marking the end of our shared journey



Zodiac Cruising and Shore Landings

Zodiac cruising with whale close by

Zodiac inflatable boats are integral to every expedition and perfect for exploring the polar wilderness. Zodiacs are used to ferry you to the shore and mini explorations amidst icebergs, whales, and seabirds. Throughout your expedition, they enable you to reach secluded spots only accessible by these sturdy watercraft.

Driven by our expert team of knowledgeable polar guides, we will explore the Zodiac daily as part of your expedition. 


hiking in Antarctica

Immerse yourself in the thrill of hiking across the polar wilderness, led by our seasoned polar guides. Wander the vast tundra, marvel at the majestic glaciers, and breathe in fresh air amongst the natural scenery. It's an adventure that brings you into the heart of the untamed beauty of the polar regions. 

Polar Plunge

polar plunge activity on an expedition cruise

During each voyage, we carve out a special moment for the Polar Plunge, a thrilling dive into the icy waters, scheduled just once for those daring enough to leap. Our Expedition Leader and Captain are always on the lookout, assessing the weather and sea conditions to pick the perfect spot and moment for this exhilarating experience. Whether it's from the shore, off the gangway, or the edge of a Zodiac, participants, clad in tethered harnesses for safety, leap into the chilly embrace of the polar sea amid the cheers and encouragement of their fellow adventurers and the Expedition Team.

Safety is our top priority during the Polar Plunge. The onboard physician is always present to oversee the event, ensuring everyone's well-being. Additionally, our guides, suited in survival gear, patrol the waters in Zodiacs, ready to assist as guests make their splash into the frigid waters, whether it's a bold jump or an adventurous cannonball.

Sea Kayaking*

Sea kayaking Activity in Antarctica

Experience the beauty of the polar regions from the intimacy of a sea kayak. The onboard Sea Kayak Program gathers adventurers with a shared passion to explore the stunning landscapes of fjords, glacial fronts, or intricate sea ice formations together.

This program welcomes both novices and experienced kayakers to discover the polar regions from a distinctive vantage point. Depending on weather and operational conditions, the goal is to get kayaking as frequently as possible. Sea kayaking adventures typically begin with a Zodiac boat transferring participants from the ship to an optimal launch site. After exploring the waters, kayakers are brought back to the ship via Zodiac. 

For safety, a Zodiac operated by a dedicated driver remains close at hand to provide help if needed. These kayak trips usually last from one and a half to three hours, blending adventure with unparalleled natural beauty.

*An extra cost is applicable. Please enquire about costs and availability at the time of reservation. Please note places on sea kayaking do sell out in advance, so forward booking is essential.

Your Ship

Your Ship

Ocean Explorer

Ship Highlights


Small Ship That Delivers Epic Adventures

Embark on an authentic expedition with the Ocean Explorer, a small expedition ship accommodating 138 guests per voyage. Designed for an exclusive experience, this ship is ideal for guests eager to maximize their time off the ship, exploring remote areas through Zodiac excursions and shore landings.

A Great Choice For Activities

Due to its small size, Ocean Explorer is an excellent option for those seeking additional polar activities. Led by a team of polar experts, guests can partake in thrilling adventures such as kayaking, camping and trekking, enhancing the overall expedition experience

Excellent Zodiac to Guest Ratio

Enjoy the freedom of Zodiac excursions in the raw nature that can accommodate all guests simultaneously. Thanks to the Ocean Explorer's large fleet of Zodiacs and speedy boarding platforms, guests have more time for exploration, creating unforgettable moments in the vast wilderness.

State of The Art Design

Immerse yourself in the Ocean Explorer's cutting-edge X Bow design, presenting a breathtaking viewing lounge at the ship's bow. This modern design enhances stability and ensures fuel efficiency, enabling swift and comfortable sailing through challenging seas during sea passages.

Pinnacle of Sustainability and Safety

Pioneering sustainability, the Ocean Explorer features a fuel-efficient design. Employing GPS anchoring instead of traditional anchors in sensitive areas, the ship also converts waste to energy fur, thus helping to reduce its impact on the polar regions.

Outstanding Onboard Living Spaces

Indulge in a realm of comfort with well-appointed cabins featuring private balconies, an observation lounge with stunning views, and rejuvenating amenities like on-deck jacuzzis, a sauna, and a gym. The Ocean Explorer ensures high comfort levels, complemented by the intimacy of travelling in a small, exclusive group.

Industry Leading Guides

With a stellar reputation for hosting an exceptional team of guides and polar specialists, the Ocean Explorer is recognized as a trailblazer in small ship expeditions. Whether for activities, wildlife observation, or exploration, the ship's industry-leading guides guarantee an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. (Reasons To Choose This Ship)

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