Antarctica Cruises From Argentina

The most popular and shortest sea route to the white continent, Antarctica Cruises From Argentina cross the infamous Drake Passage and explore the wild nature of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Introducing Antarctica Cruises From Argentina

Antarctica Cruises from Argentina are a favourite among adventurers eager to explore the Antarctic Peninsula. This route attracts 90% of Antarctica’s visitors and offers an impressive variety of ships, activities, and flexible schedules that cater to different tastes and interests.

From Ushuaia, it’s a two-day sail south across the Drake Passage until the dramatic landscapes of the South Shetland Islands emerge on the horizon. Here is where the real adventure begins. The Antarctic Peninsula, a destination of unparalleled natural beauty, awaits with its breathtaking vistas, teeming wildlife including vast penguin colonies, and intriguing historical sites.

Whether you’re aboard an icebreaker, enjoying the finer things on a luxury expedition cruise ship, or navigating closer shores on a small expedition vessel, Antarctica cruises from Ushuaia offer the greatest choice. Plus, with itineraries that range from crossing the Antarctic Circle to exploring the remote South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, there is a journey for every explorer. 

Not looking for an Antarctic Peninsula Cruise? To see all the types of Antarctica Cruises, please see our Guide Below. 

Best Antarctica Cruises From Argentina

Exploring Antarctica by Zodiac on a luxury cruise
Door To Door
King George Island To King George Island
Jan 26 - Feb 1 2026
6 Nights

Price from per person

silversea endeavour luxury cruise ship in Antarctica
Door To Door
King George Island To King George Island
Jan 23 - Jan 29 2026
6 Nights

Price from per person

Kayaking past an iceberg in Antarctica
Ushuaia - Ushuaia
Nov 5 - Nov 15 2024
10 Nights

Price from per person

Antarctica people hiking
Ushuaia - Ushuaia
Feb 02 2025 - Feb 13 2025
10 Nights

Price from per person

Guests crossing the Antarctic Circle
Includes Flight Seeing
Ushuaia - Ushuaia
Mar 1 - Mar 14 2025
13 Nights

Price from per person

luxury cruise ship sailing in Antarctica
Door To Door
King George Island To King George Island
Nov 25 - Dec 1 2024
6 Nights

Price from per person


Highlights Of Antarctic Peninsula Cruises

Why Visit?


Embark on a Journey Across the Drake Passage

Join the ranks of daring explorers by crossing the fabled Drake Passage, a vital milestone on your voyage to Antarctica. Crossing this legendary stretch of water sets the stage for the extraordinary expedition ahead.


Discover the South Shetland Islands

Step into a world of stark beauty and vibrant wildlife on the South Shetland Islands. From the active volcanic landscapes of Deception Island to the historic shores of Elephant Island, where Shackleton's epic tale of survival unfolded, these islands offer unforgettable exploration opportunities.


Encounter Diverse Wildlife

The untouched environments of the Antarctic Peninsula are a haven for wildlife. Imagine gentoo penguins eyeing you curiously as you step onto their pebbly beaches and the thrill of spotting whales in the nutrient-rich waters surrounding you.


Set Foot on Antarctica

For many, the dream of setting foot on the world's least visited continent is the pinnacle of their travel aspirations. Antarctica cruises from Ushuaia provide the most straightforward path to fulfilling this rare and prestigious travel goal


Choose from the Best Selection of Antarctica Cruises

Antarctica cruises departing from Ushuaia are renowned for their unparalleled variety of ships and expeditions. Whether kayaking past icebergs, camping under the southern stars, or flying over icy landscapes by helicopter, these cruises offer adventures for every taste.


Explore Patagonia's Wonders

Cap off your Antarctic journey by exploring the majestic landscapes of Patagonia. Whether you're trekking through the striking peaks of Torres del Paine or discovering the rich biodiversity of Tierra del Fuego National Park, the natural wonders of Patagonia make the perfect bookends to your cruise adventure.

How To Get To Our Antarctica Cruises From Argentina

Antarctica cruises departing from Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula embark from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, nestled in the dramatic landscapes of Patagonia. This unique starting point is easily accessible, with its airport offering frequent flights directly from Buenos Aires.

Speaking of Buenos Aires, this vibrant city is a cultural hub. It has a major international airport with excellent global connections, making it perfect for travelers from North America, the UK, Europe, and beyond. Consider a stopover here to soak in the local culture and break up the long journey. In fact, at the beginning of each season, a select few of our cruises also depart directly from Buenos Aires, offering an extended voyage that includes the breathtaking South Georgia en route to Antarctica.

For your added convenience, many of our Antarctica cruises from Argentina include complimentary flights between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. To ensure your journey is as smooth as possible, our dedicated Travel Experience Team is eagerly waiting to assist you in planning the ultimate expedition cruise. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime—get in touch with our team today!

Best Time To Go On An Antarctic Peninsula Cruise

Going on a cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula from Ushuaia has a significant advantage over other options for visiting Antarctica – the longest season. You have a wide window to plan your adventure, starting from late October when the Antarctic Peninsula wakes up in the spring and ending in late March when the vibrant autumn hues set in.

Choosing the best time for your Antarctic Peninsula cruise depends entirely on what you want to experience. If witnessing pristine, frozen landscapes fresh from winter’s embrace is your dream, November is the ideal month for you. On the other hand, if you’re a wildlife enthusiast, the peak months from December to February are your best bet. During this time, you’ll see penguins bustling in their rookeries, birds flocking to the icy shores, and marine life thriving in the nutrient-rich waters. Finally, if you want to enjoy some of the best whale-watching opportunities and more competitive pricing, come in March.

Please go through our comprehensive month-by-month guide below for a detailed overview of the best times to embark on your Antarctic adventure.

Types Of Antarctica Cruises From Argentina

silver Endeavour luxury ship in the Antarctic Peninsula

Luxury Cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula

Experience the ultimate comfort and luxury while exploring the magnificent Antarctic Peninsula. We offer a handpicked selection of small, purpose-built 5 and 6-star expedition ships that provide every possible creature comfort, allowing you to witness the icy wilderness in the lap of luxury.

Small Ship Cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula

For an intimate and thrilling adventure to Antarctica, choose a small ship cruise from Ushuaia. These voyages are perfect for those who seek active engagement with nature, offering onboard activities such as kayaking and camping amidst breathtaking landscapes.

Icebreaker Cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula

Embark on the ultimate exploration vessel - an icebreaker cruise departing from Ushuaia. These sturdy ships are uniquely equipped to navigate the frozen waters, offering a one-of-a-kind expedition to the heart of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Crossing the Polar Circle on an Antarctic Peninsula Cruise

For a more comprehensive Antarctic experience, embark on an expedition that crosses the Antarctic Circle. This journey is perfect for true adventurers who are eager to explore beyond the typical routes and witness the untouched extremities of the southernmost continent.

Our Recommended Ships for Antarctica Cruises From Argentina

Ocean Explorer

242 Guests
PC2 Icebreaker
150 Metres
The Ocean Explorer is an ideal choice for adventurers who want to spend the maximum time exploring Antarctica. This ship is designed to accommodate only small groups, with a capacity of just 138 guests. This ensures that each guest can have an intimate, immersive experience that is impossible to replicate on larger vessels. Furthermore, the ship is accompanied by a team of expert guides who are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable experience.

SH Minerva

158 Guests
PC5 Ice Class
113.5 Metres
The SH Minerva is an exceptional 5-star expedition ship that is specifically built to take you on voyages to the most remote polar regions. Its sophisticated interiors are combined with advanced maritime technology to provide you with the ultimate expedition experience. The vessel boasts a specialised PC5 ice-strengthened hull and oversized stabilisers that guarantee a smooth sailing experience while exploring the farthest corners of the globe.

Sylvia Earle

132 Guests
104 Metres
Set sail on the Sylvia Earle, an eco-friendly, small expedition ship that takes you to isolated destinations. Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, the ship has an X Bow design and amenities like private balconies, jacuzzis, and a sauna. With only 132 guests, it ensures an intimate exploration experience with expert guides and extensive off-ship exploration time.

Le Lyrial

224 Guests
142 Metres
Le Lyrial is a medium-sized expedition cruise ship that offers a perfect blend of luxury, intimacy, and adventure. It is an excellent choice for those who want a genuine polar expedition with a touch of refined comfort. Launched in 2015, it is the newest addition to a distinguished family of sister ships, including Le Austral, Le Soleal, and Le Boréal, each having unique styles with subtle aesthetic differences. Le Lyrial provides a tranquil haven for those who seek a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Le Commandant Charcot

242 Guests
PC2 Icebreaker
150 Metres
Introducing Le Commandant Charcot, the world's first luxury icebreaker designed for polar expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula and beyond. With a sturdy ice-breaking hull, it provides access to areas that traditional ships can't reach, guided by top experts. Le Commandant Charcot offers unparalleled onboard luxury, including exquisitely furnished suites with balconies, a heated on-deck lagoon, and two fine-dining restaurants. Experience the perfect blend of adventure and luxury in polar exploration.

Plan Your Antarctica Cruise from Argentina

Book Well in Advance: Antarctica Cruises From Argentina are in high demand and the best ships do sell out in advance. We recommend reserving your cruise at least 12 months in advance to secure your perfect ship, but for last minute travellers we have a great selection of deals.

Choose Your Itinerary: We offer a variety of small expedition ships, itineraries, and activities from Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula. Our Travel Experience Team will recommend different options based on your preferences.

Reserve Your Cabin With North Pole Cruises: We will ensure you receive the best price from the operator on your Antarctica Cruises From Argentina at the time of reservation. Our knowledgeable Travel Experience Team will help you choose your trip and answer any questions. We will also provide lots of helpful information, including packing lists, before the voyage and support you during your journey if you have any issues. Moreover, with every booking, we offer peace of mind with 100% financial protection.

Travel Insurance: When booking, purchase comprehensive travel insurance for your Antarctica small ship cruise that covers trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and evacuation from remote locations. Ensure that your policy explicitly covers polar travel.

Antarctica Cruises From Argentina FAQ

Antarctica Cruises From Argentina are typically between 9 and 11 days for an expedition to explore the Antarctic Peninsula. If you would like to include South Georgia and the Falkland Islands on the same voyage you will need 18 – 21 days.

Yes, we offer no single supplement on selected Antarctica Cruises From Argentina, but these are in high demand due to the fewer cabins onboard. If you are a solo traveller, we recommend contacting our Travel Experience Team to access the best offers for solo travellers.

It takes approximately 48 hours to sail from Ushuaia in Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula covering a distance of 680 miles. The overall sailing time will depend on the ship (some ships are faster than others) and the weather conditions at the time of the crossing.

Financial security is paramount for our clients, so all bookings made through North Pole Cruises include 100% financial protection. We also include supplier failure insurance free of charge for extra peace of mind. This ensures you have the very best protection when booking. 

When reserving your chosen itinerary, the payment options will be quoted.

Typical payment terms are a 25% deposit when booking to reserve your cabin and the final balance payable 90 days before departure. 

We accept payment via credit card or bank transfer.

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